Seeking Effective Communication
Close Communication with Each Customer Leads to Effective Communication

With the globalization of society, world-class communication has become increasingly important. Against this backdrop we have been engaged in the communication business for many years based on a commitment to be of service to people.

The world has entered the IoT era and everything is now connected to the Internet. Most things can be done in the virtual world, without passing through the hands of people. However, the more society advances in this direction, the more the importance of communication between people becomes apparent.

Language is a constant barrier in the globalization of Japanese society. Words may simply be a tool, but depending on how that tool is used, the results can differ greatly. If there are 100 customers who want to communicate a certain thing, there are 100 ways to do it. We stand between our customers and their clients to elucidate the key message our customers wish to convey and help them communicate it in a manner that best fits the situation. In order to do so, we communicate closely with each customer through careful dialogue, putting ourselves in their position to properly understand their needs and what they wish to convey.

With a strong determination to connect our clients with the world not only with language skills but also with heartfelt interactions, we will continue to endeavor to be of service. We hope to be a presence that anyone can come to for help.

Yayoi Akaboshi

Company Profile

  • Company Name:
    3Stars Co., Ltd.
  • Establishment:
    August 2017
  • Capital:
    4.5 million yen
  • President:
    Yayoi Akaboshi
  • Address:
    2-9-1-2004 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku,
    Tokyo 141-0032, Japan
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